Group Classes

While private training and nutritional therapy are the main focus of LadyTrainers, we also offer sporadic Saturday group classes. We also plan on bringing back consistent group classes in the summer so stay tuned for those updates!

We highly recommend following the LadyTrainers Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the schedule and any changes.

If we ever need to cancel a class, we will post on social media and text any members directly that are currently signed up. We will also offer makeup classes throughout the month.

Full Body Tabata

This 50-minute workout consists of 8 Tabatas that will get your heart pumping. With a 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off style, it flies by!

Strength & Conditioning

A mix of strength training and conditioning exercises will get your heart rate up and helping you fulfill your cardio needs while still working on those gains.

Full Body Band

Using nothing but resistance bands, you’ll get a full body workout and leave feeling accomplished.

Full Body Circuit

A fan favorite, this workout will consist of 5-9 different stations you’ll cycle through. You’ll get to try out all sorts of exercises with this effective workout style.

Barre Fusion

Meet us at the barre with this twist on modern barre and mat pilates. The weights might be small but the burn is mighty!

Strength & Stretch

The perfect mix of strength training and stretching will help get your stronger and flexible. Don’t miss this one!


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